January 31st, 2020

The Kitovu Mobile Platform

KITOVU™ is an agricultural Mobile App as a Service Solution (MASS) consisting of a mobile app and SMS (USSD) Gateway cross-linked to a web portal; which creates market access for farmers while ensuring produce traceability, by linking them to manufacturers, produce buyers, as well as input buyers. The SMS gateway links farmers without smartphones to the Kitovu platform, ensuring that regardless of location, they have access to information, from improved seedlings to agricultural best practices that guarantees increased yield per hectare.

Manufacturers and produce buyers would know produce location, processes and chemicals that went into the production, as well as logistics of sourcing; without having to suffer downtime. By capturing afflatoxin and toxicity levels of the farm, traceability can be guaranteed.

KITOVU™ would also serve as an information hub for farmers, providing information on research, extension services, and policy frameworks set forth by the government. It would also provide a linkage between input suppliers, banks and other financial services providers, to the farmers. It would also provide a peer to peer connection between farmers.

The Kitovu app would enable manufacturers and large scale produce buyers to be able to link up with farmers hassle free. Even farms in hard to reach locations would be given visibility, offering insights on the logistics of getting the produce from the farms to the manufacturers.

These would tackle post-harvest losses that averages at 40% annually but can be as high as 60% for the fruit and vegetable value chains, ultimately guaranteeing increased income for farmers from sold produce that would have been lost to wastages, as well as ensuring that there is food security.

The Kitovu platform would also provide the framework for the delivery of some agricultural Value added services for farmers, like farm financing through Outgrower schemes, and the provision of improved seedlings and cultivars for farmers.

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