November 12th, 2020

Sustainable Agriculture:An Urgent need

Sustainable agriculture is an issue that demands intentional attention.
In recent years it has become a growing concern among environmental scientists and agriculturists.
The reason there is serious need for sustainable agriculture is because food is something that no one can do without, both human beings and animals in the world.
sustainable agriculture does not only deal with how to feed the expanding population today and how to produce enough food to meet the dietary demands of the world at present.
It is also importantly concerned with meeting the demand for food in the future.
With population growth rate statistics, its obvious that serious attention needs to be paid to our food production process in other to secure the future for generations.
It is a fact that some geographic regions that used to have fertile soil have become deserts due to inefficient agricultural practices that are common in the world today.

Therefore, we must be concerned, with developing and maintaining an efficient environment-friendly food production system that would eliminate the waste of limited natural resources and maximize available agricultural lands, while maintaining fertility and ensuring that the land do not depreciate in nutrient while producing adequate yields year after year.
Part of our concern as citizens of a global web is to ensure that we meet the demand for food today,and also ensure that the future generations will be able to produce enough food.

At Kitovu Technological company we are doing our part to ensure that the available agricultural land is being utilized and nutrient being maintained, by training and educating farmers on the right farming practices, and providing them with latest technology and innovation, we ensure that present food demand is being met and lands are being preserved to ensure future production.

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