April 29th, 2020

Local solutions for local problems facing African Agriculture

African farmers are one of the most hardworking farmers in the world. Unfortunately, hard work does not determine an optimized yield in today’s world. And this has placed our smallholder farmers in dire financial straits, where they make up 75% of all people who live on under a dollar a day. The absence of basic agricultural infrastructure from irrigation to storage and everything in between, are things stacked against them heavily.

Take the instance of irrigation. Currently, only 1 percent of Nigerian cropland is irrigated, meaning most farmers can cultivate their fields only during the rainy season. This also leaves farmers and food-insecure populations vulnerable to the changing and unpredictable climate. In our work, we often listen to our farmers and try to find out how to support them.

On one occasion, our farmers at Illero Oyo State desired to carry out irrigation farming, but there was no infrastructure. Instead of throwing up our hands in defeat, we acquired some pumping machines and designed an irrigation system for them. Can you figure out how it works from the pictures?

What other low-cost approaches can we develop to solve some of the problems facing our farmers? Feel free to let us know.

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