November 27th, 2020

Increasing Challenges of Agriculture and the way out

Agriculture is undeniably the largest source of revenue for millions across the length and breadth of the globe.

In Nigeria agriculture in time past, with its varied sectors Contributed a notable figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation, however things began to change with the discovery of crude oil, and as such our agriculture was left neglected and at best was treated like an illegitimate child.
This led to extreme poverty amongst farmers and inability to enjoy the basic things of life. Farming is generally scorned at by the youths who are more interested in working in sectors that can give them better earnings and insure their future.

The challenges of the agricultural business have been on increase, cultivation is the kind of business which is accompanied by variable cost risks. For example, a businessman who makes steel might bump into problems like worker & transporters strikes, instability in prices, variation of raw material, natural calamities etc. Yet these disturbances are incidents that happen once in a blue moon.
In contrast for a farmer,production risk has a high probability of occurring, not just once but multiple times. There may be no rains during the sowing season or excessive rain after sowing is done. Furthermore, pest attacks, flooding during crop maturity and enormously fluctuating price crashes can wreak havoc to the lives and lively hood of farmers.
Secondly, the current state of agriculture in Nigeria is such that it is an industry wherein you purchase everything retail and sell everything wholesale. Small holder Farmers are the only bunch who pay in retail for everything, no matter what the product is… from tractors to small machinery and seeds. But, they are obligated to trade their produce at wholesale prices. This is clearly not good for business.

It is in light of all this that kitovu technological company is out to change the narrative of the Nigerian and African farmer, we offer trainings on sustainable agricultural practices that offer small holder farmers knowledge on how to increase yields,we purchase viable seeds, agricultural inputs, fertilizers etc. from producers in bulk and make them available to our farmers at indiscriminate rates,we give advice on the best crops to grow per time based on projected market demand,we ensure our farmers farm produce are bought off at the point of harvest,thereby preventing post harvest loses,all these and more has helped in changing the not so pleasant narrative of the Nigerian farmer, its early days but we are optimistic that our efforts can and will transform Africa to the worlds food hub.

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