December 10th, 2020

How to effectively engage plant health analysis in Nigeria

In recent times when the problems of Nigerian agriculture is highlighted one of the highly recommended solution is the effective implementation of plant health analysis.

But as with every other thing the issue does not lie in knowing what needs to be done but in implementing what must be done.

It is already established that plant health analysis would go a long way in improving plant health,increasing crop yields and over all farmer income.

But then the method of implementation still remains the major challenge,knowing fully well that majority of farmers are illiterate and do not know or even understand the use of relevant technology.

How then do we make plant health analysis available to farmers as a service?

At Kitovu we ensure that farmers are not just taught about the benefits of implementing modern trends in technology,we ensure that we provide access to these services to our farmers,by training and engaging agents from farming communities to guide the farmers on how to engage the plant health analysis services we provide and other like services.

It’s early days but so far so good,our engagement with farmers is yielding great results and with time we believe the Nigerian farmer’s narrative would be one of great progress and agricultural yield.

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