January 31st, 2020

Farming the Kitovu way!

A couple of years back, we were confronted with very grave problems that faces smallholder farmers across Sub-Sahran Africa; and we decided we were going to dedicate a great chunk of our lives to solve them. In Nigeria, most of the farming is carried out by smallholder farmers, who number about 64 Million. Unfortunately, most of their production isn’t based on actionable market demand data. So, we have a situation where farmers are growing a “lot”, but not according to the required standards and specifications that processors and commodity offtakers would prefer; creating scarcity in the midst of surplus, which contributes to post harvest losses. Which is one of the reasons why post harvest losses range between forty and sixty percent annually. But that is far from all that ails the Nigeria agricultural sector. Crop yields are very low, with productivity at a third of global yield averages.

So, in steps Kitovu, a mobile based platform that aggregates soil, geo-location and market data; which we use as a tool to ensure that farmers are able to get fertilizers that suit their crop types and the location of cultivation, matched to the best seedlings required to guarantee increased yields, while connecting farm produce to offtakers.

We have structured our offerings as Farmpack, FarmSwap, and eProcure. FarmPack is a bundled offering that consists of soil and crop specific fertilizers, improved seedlings, agrochemicals, and extension, while with FarmSwap, we cater to the needs for micro-credit for inputs, of farmers who do not have funds to finance the purchase of FarmPack, but are comfortable with paying us at harvest with their produce. eProcure on the other hand is is a produce supply service for processors and commodity exporters; which enables them to to source produce to their required specifications hassle free. You can find out more here http://kitovu.com.ng/offerings/

In the coming weeks, we shall be kicking off a call for Kitopreneurs. Kitopreneurs are micro-enterpreneurs we train in extension and advisory to provide last mile services for farmers. Working with our platform, they would work with farmers in their locations to improve their yields. The extension and advisory they provide for farmers would be totally free. We hope to reduce youth unemployment in Nigeria while ensuring food security and increased income for smallholder farmers. The net winner is the economy.

We would not be rolling out a call for Kitopreneurs across all States of Nigeria at the moment; just six focus states, which we shall reveal in the coming weeks. Do you have a feedback for us, or you would love your state to be part of the six states, you can get in touch with us. At Kitovu, we are helping ensure the future of food; one locality at a time!

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