December 3rd, 2020

Facing the challenges of Agriculture Head on

Envisage a day when you awaken feeling refreshed and confident, a day when paying bills and taking care of your family is no longer something to fret about, a time when your efforts commensurate with your results. All these and more are the desires of the Nigerian farmer, who works day and night, from dusk to dawn tilling, sowing, watching, harvesting and finally selling off at a price barely able to cover basic needs, not to talk of proper education or health care for his children.

Little wonder the average Nigerian youth has no desire to be associated by any means to anything related to farming. It is unfortunate considering the fact that the peasants who feed the nation are in the rural areas yet the government have not been able to effectively implement rural development policies. We could blame the government all we want but we’ve done that for years now and the situation has remained the same.

It is possible for farmers to become part of the highest paid members of the economy, but this cannot be achieved with the neglect of the farmers and the problems they deal with on a daily basis.

some of the challenges encountered by the average Nigerian farmer includes:

Insufficient financial support: this is and remains one of the biggest challenge facing farmers,in situations where the needed machineries and services are not easily accessible,they have to improvise by laboring more to achieve what would otherwise have taken less time. There are various small and medium scale loans and credit facilities open to farmers on21but still it ends up not getting to the desired farmers mainly due to mismanagement of such funds or tribalism and nepotism.

Lack of information: the greatest challenge of the farmer would be lack of information, with most farmers missing out on new and improved farming methods which greatly limit their output. Literacy rate among the farmers in many cases affect their decisions and ability to adapt to new innovations. But this can be easily dealt with by training in-community agents who are members of the community and already have existing relationships with the farmers, it becomes easy based on the already existing trust to communicate new ideas.

Lack of Market access: in some instances, the farmers do not easily have contacts with buyers, go to some of the rural areas across the country, you will see farmers in very terrible states and the crops they struggled to produce are perishing before their eyes because of lack of transportation and a ready market.

Kitovu technological company is actively engaged in finding ways to handle all these seemingly insurmountable challenges that has persisted for years now, our aim is to breach all gaps and fill up the loopholes that make the path of agriculture as a viable means to financial freedom look undesirable. Our farmers enjoy the benefits of being up to date with technological trends and innovation aimed at improving productivity and yields. We keep them abreast with products in demand hence presenting a ready market for all produce, right from the point of harvesting. Our farmers are closer than ever towards achieving their dreams of earning enough to make their families smile.

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