Start-Up Pains

Starting and running a startup isn’t easy at all. And when you are bootstrapping and having raised investment, the difficulty goes up a notch higher. Every day and every week, you keep grinding, faced with challenges you must solve to remain afloat; sometimes you are not sure if you would make it to the next month. That has been our experience at kitovu.com.ng.

Just last week, my team and I celebrated a huge victory. We successfully got three individuals to give us 1.5 Million Naira for which we were going to give them 12% ROI in three months. What did we need the money for? To complete the outstanding balance so as to pay upfront for the custom blending of fertilizers; a precondition giving by our Fertilizer partner. And then, we sold it all!! And the best part of our story? We returned the money and the ROI in just two weeks!!! 1.5 Million Naira seems so little but it stood between us and the next step in our journey.

You see, Kitovu takes an unconventional approach to ensuring that we can fulfill our objective of helping farmers make more money off their farms. We aggregate soil data which enables us to custom blend fertilizers to take into account soil nutrient levels, and crop nutrient needs. That way, we have been able to consisitently triple crop yields. But that’s not all we do, we also collect market demand data to obtain insight on what farmers should grow to maximize offtake from commodity buyers.

This week, we are face with a new challenge, and like all the challenges we have faced in the past, it appears like its make or break. We have to train 300 youths in Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Ebonyi, Oyo, and Ogun States, in extenstion, soil management and demand aggregation. These young people would work with farmers to raise their yields and create income for themselves as well while at it. The snag is that we are out of our wits end as to how to make this happen. These trainings are free becuase we target completely unemplyed youths. We have no money to pay for venues, accomodation, their transportation or even to feed them! So why did we go ahead and issue a call for applications, have thousands apply, and go ahead to shortlist candidates who now wait for us to give them feedback on when we kick off? Because my team and I are convinced that like all other challenges, this too would pass, and successfully too!

63% of all unemployed people in Nigeria are young people,and we hope that through this approach, we can help a lot of young people create incomes for themselves, while ensuring that Kitovu’s commitment of helping raise the incomes of smallholder farmers they work with from under $1 a day to at least $3. But we need your help, your encouragement and sponsorship. It would cost us just about $45 to train one young person and I know with your help we can make it happen. If you would love to help us continue on our journey, you can sponsor at least one young person. Kindly mail us with your support at info@kitovu.com.ng. You can also bring this to the attention of people who might love to help make this happen. Thank you for your help!

Meet the Kitopreneurs!

Some weeks back, we launched a call for applications. It was targetted at young people who would be interested to join the Kitopreneur Initiative. We were amazed at the quality and number of applicants who wanted to be a part of this project. But what is the Kitopreneur Initiative?

The Kitopreneur Initiative is a social project of Kitovu Technology Company targetted at young people who are passionate about agriculture, and interested in creating an income for themselves from the agricultural value chains. We set up the initiative to train young people in extension, soil management, demand aggregation techniques, and financial record. These young people would then work with farmers in different localities to make more money off their farms. The first cohort of the Kitopreneur Initiative focuses on Ebonyi, Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Oyo, and Ogun States.

In essence, the Kitopreneur becomes his own boss, using our technology to collect relevant data that alows us provide farmers with soil and crop specific inputs that have been guaranteed to increase yields. At the same time, they would be able to feed farmers with information from our demand data pipeline, on what to grow so as to guarantee offtake. By helping farmers grow to specifiactions at higher yields, farmers are able to make money. But the Kitoprneur is also in business, making money off every transaction. In addition, the Kitopreneur Initiative would reward hardworking and resourceful Kitoprenurs by giving them loans to start their own farms by the second year.

Today, we gladly unveil the successful applicants, and wish them success as we move to the next phase of the project. Happy Cheers to the Kitopreneurs!

Kitopeneurs by State

Earning more from your farm just got easier!

Growing up, most of your peers would rather die than take up a career in agriculture. Parents were not left out; they would probably perform an exorcism session for their children if they didn’t choose to be in the “professional courses”. And most of us know why!


The brutal truth is that the earning potential of farms in Nigeria is very low with crop yields at a third of global yield averages and post harvest losses at 40-60% annually. No wonder being a farmer then was synonymous to being poor. This is not supposed to be so, and Kitovu is working to change that.


Kitovu provides an end to end solution for farmers, from farm to market. First, we use soil data collected using remote sensory technology to provide farmers with soil and crop specific fertilizers, certified seeds and cultivars, and vegetation specific agro-chemicals; which when combined with agribusiness best practices we provide through partnering independent micro-entrepreneurs has helped farmers increase yields by more than a factor of three. Secondly, through market demand we collect, analyze and aggregate, we are able to give farmers information on what to grow, when to grow, and varieties to grow so as to guarantee offtake at fair prices.


Are you a farmer? Do you know someone who is a farmer? Are you an organization that works with farmers, run an outgrower scheme, or you own your own farms and would like to increase productivity? Are you a commodity buyer, whether as a processor or an exporter, looking to ensure guaranteed supply of high quality produce that is traceable; when you need, and where you need it. If your answer to any of this questions is yes, then Kitovu is your friend and partner!


Reach out to us today and take your farming to the next level by following this link: http://kitovu.com.ng/offerings/

You can also call +2348062148183 or mail info@kitovu.com.ng to get started on a journey to profitable farming. Join us on the journey to transform African Agriculture. Thank you!