About Us

About Kitovu

We help farmers triple their crop yields while ensuring access to markets.

Our Vision

To drive the emergence of Africa as the hub that feeds the world.


Who we are

We are a pool of young people passionate about agriculture and food sustainability and with vast experience in the agricultural space. We are appalled at the very low yields of crops as well as very high post harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa, and we believe that we are the people to address that.

We have a dream!

To transform Africa into the hub that feeds the world by leveraging on technology to solve problems that affect Africa’s agriculture all across the value chains; from farm to fork. This would make possible a world where extreme poverty and hunger is no more!

We would achieve this by using Kitovu;  a mobile based platform that collects, analyzes and aggregates soil and geo-location data, as a tool to provide farmers with soil and crop specific fertilizers, improved seedlings, and agro-chemicals, while connecting farm produce to offtakers.

We believe that by 2028, Kitovu would be a resource the African farmer would be unable to do without; and  that when anyone requires high quality and traceable produce, they would have no choice than to Kitovu it!

Our Objectives

  • To reduce extreme poverty and hunger in Africa; transforming her into the hub that feeds the world by leveraging on emerging technology to tackle post-harvest losses and wastages.
  • Create Market Access for African Farmers
  • Create a platform that is the source for high quality produce that is traceable
  • Create for African farmers the ultimate farming companion; from farm to market
  • Create a virtual market place for farm inputs, farming support services, equipment leasing and agricultural finance through Outgrower schemes

The Kitovu Mission

We create market access for farmers by using multi-platform compatible mobile applications to link manufacturers and produce buyers to high quality produce that are traceable, reducing post-harvest losses and wastages while increasing farmers income.



Did you know that over 702 Million people live under conditions of extreme poverty and hunger, and that of these number, 70% are farmers?

Post Harvest Losses

Post Harvest Losses

Did you know that in Africa, post-harvest losses and wastage is over 40 % annually and that farmers income can improve greatly if tackled?

The Kitovu Promise

The Kitovu Promise

Imagine a world where extreme poverty & hunger is replaced with food security and African farmers can take their place in transforming Africa into the world food hub